Content is listed in the sidebar and on the homepage. Click on a Title to read more. If you have the appropriate permissions, you will be able to add a Page by clicking on the Add Content link at the top of the screen.


Adding an Image/File

When on the Create Page screen, click on the Insert/Edit Image icon at the top of the text editor. You will then see the Insert/Edit Image popup box. Click on the Browse image to the right of the Image URL field. You will now see the file system where you can select or upload files. With Images, simply double click on the file from the file system window and it will be inserted in the page. With Files, close the file system window, write the relevant text onto the text editor, select the text and click on the Anchor button at the top of the text editor. You will now see the file system window again, simply select/upload the file and insert.



Type a keyword into the search box and click the Search button If on the Search Results page, you can then select either Content by Keyword or Content by User when searching. When results appear, you can click on the Title to go to the page, or click on the User to search for all pages by the user Throughout the site, if you click on a username you will get the Search results for that user.