Regional Archaeological Research Framework for Argyll

Published December 2017.

To cite RARFA as a whole: ScARF 2017 Simpson, B and Webb, S (eds) RARFA: A Regional Archaeological Research Framework for Argyll; Scottish Archaeological Research Framework: Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Available online at

1. Introduction (Biddy Simpson and Sharon Webb)

2. Background and Aims of the RARFA (Biddy Simpson and Sharon Webb)

3. About the Panel Reports (Biddy Simpson and Sharon Webb)

4. Towards an Environmental History of Argyll and Bute: A Review of Current Data, Their Strengths and Weaknesses and Suggestions for Future Work (Richard Tipping)

5. The Early Prehistory of Argyll (10,050BC - 4050BC) (Steven Mithen)

6. Neolithic, Chalcolithic and Bronze Age c 4000BC – 800BC (Alison Sheridan)

7. The Iron Age: 700 BC - AD 500 (Roddy Regan)

8. Early Medieval Argyll and Norse/Viking Argyll (AD 400 - AD 1100) (Ewan Campbell and Colleen Batey)

9. The Archaeology of Medieval Argyll (AD 1100 - AD 1600) (John Raven)

10. Early Modern Period (AD 1600 - AD 1900) and Modern in Argyll (AD 1900 - Present) (Heather James and Audrey Horning)

Case Studies

List of Appendices


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