The ScARF Panel Reports

The main ScARF panel reports can be accessed from the links below, as well as from the left hand side menu. Here you can see the period in time that is covered by each panel report as well as download the .pdf file for each one.

Approx. dates covered Panel  Download link File size
12,700 BC - 4,100 BC

Read the Palaeolithic & Mesolithic panel report online

 download the .pdf (4.52MB)
4,100 BC - 2,500 BC Read the Neolithic panel report online .download the .pdf (6.36MB)
2,500 BC - 800 BC Read the Chalcolithic and Bronze Age panel report online download the .pdf (6.27MB)
800 BC - AD 400 Read the Iron Age panel report online  download the .pdf (4.48MB)
AD 77 - AD 211 Read the Roman panel report online  download the .pdf (5.65MB)
AD 400 - 1500 Read the Medieval panel report online  download the .pdf (7.2MB)
1500 onwards Read the Modern panel report online  download the .pdf (5.05MB)
n\a Read the Science panel report online  download the .pdf (4.50MB)
n\a Read the Marine & Maritime panel report online  download the .pdf


n\a Read the Future Thinking on Carved Stones in Scotland report online

 download the .pdf

(please note this PDF is a summary version, and not the full panel report text. PDFs of the full 2016 text and case studies are available from

n\a Read the Regional Archaeological Research Framework for Argyll panel report online Not yet available as a PDF



You can also download Telling Scotland's Story from here (English version) and here (Gaidhlig version).