November 2017

The Scottish Archaeological Research Framework website

The Scottish Archaeological Research Framework (ScARF) reflects the current state of knowledge regarding Scotland’s past. As understanding of the past changes, so too will ScARF. It should be seen as a live document that will be constantly updated, edited and improved. The people developing ScARF are the people who use it: those who research Scotland’s past for enjoyment, employment, or frequently both.

ScARF is therefore not a routine publication as it is one that is revised from day one. It is also multi-authored and necessarily multi-disciplinary, reflecting the variety of approaches and people who conduct research into the past. ScARF is therefore subject to an ongoing process of review. The formulation of the framework required a considerable amount of work from across and beyond the Scottish heritage sector, and was therefore continually peer-reviewed during the process of creation. That work formed the basis for ScARF, and it is now open to everyone to review, improve and develop.

The Listen to the Stones cover

New! 16th November 2017

Listen to the Stones is the popular account of the Future Thinking on the Carved Stones of Scotland panel report. This was written by Dr Adrian Maldonado and Susan Buckham, and based on the original text of the 2016 panel report edited by Dr Sally Foster, Dr Katherine Forsyth, Susan Buckham and Dr Stuart Jeffrey.

The PDF can be downloaded from